Emmys Best and Worst moments composite

A three-hour awards show lends itself to having ups and downs and the 2015 Emmy Awards are no different. Luckily, the biggest night in television had more ups than downs.

This year Andy Samberg took on hosting duties, which lead to some musical fun and quick jokes — but many of the show’s top moments came from nominees and presenters that put their own spin on handing out trophies. The worst moments were skits that dragged too long with no real purpose for the show, but see what made the list below.

BEST – Andy Samberg’s opening


Andy Samberg perfectly (and hilariously) captures the grungy feeling of an extensive binge watching session. Even better, he recruited A-listers like Jon Hamm and Tina Fey to help make the award show opening fun and light.

BEST - Jane Lynch as the 'Game of Thrones' shame nun


Jane Lynch makes a cameo in Samberg's opening monologue as the shame nun from "Game of Thrones" and it is magical. It's just sad they didn't follow through with the threat of having her shoo long speech givers off stage once they go over 30 seconds.

WORST - Lorne Michaels' best boss bit


Samberg and fellow "SNL" alum Seth Meyers team up to pay tribute to their former boss Lorne Michaels with a "World's Best Boss" mug, but it feels more like an inside joke rather than a bit that plays to the audience at large.

BEST - Amy Poehler's audience reactions


Amy Poehler is now famous for making a stellar moment out of quick camera passes. The Emmys are no different when she throws on a hoodie and sunglasses and pretends to take a nap during most of the show. Her laissez faire attitude is cool and adds a good chuckle during dragging moments of the show -- especially since the comedy awards were given out first.

BEST - Ricky Gervais' fake Emmy win


Ricky Gervais fails to take home an Emmy for "Derek" for the third year in a row, but he makes a winning moment for himself during his turn as presenter. He asks for an Emmy and poses with it so that people can tweet it out like he won. That makes him feel a little better about losing later.

WORST - Emmys can kill skit


In one of Samberg's lesser moments, the Emmys can kill skit feels like a digital short that would have been cut from "SNL." The "Mad Men" tribute of it all was nice, but the random turn to gore didn't make enough sense to fit in the show.

BEST - Jimmy Kimmel eating the envelope


Jimmy Kimmel reveals a scary truth that once presenters are given the envelope containing the winner of their respective categories, they have the real power in deciding who gets the award. He demonstrates it beautifully when he eats the envelope containing the name of the winner of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. However, nominee Matt LeBlanc didn't appreciate Kimmel teasing that he'd give the Emmy to him if he wanted, and instead gives it to Jeffrey Tambor.

BEST - Emmys make history


2015 marks an historic year for the Emmys. Not only did Viola Davis become the first black woman to win for Lead Actress in a Drama, but Uzo Aduba's corresponding win for Supporting Actress in a Drama makes it the first time in the show's history that two women of color have taken home the lead acting categories. Add in that Regina King took home the trophy for Supporting Actress in a Limited Series and it is an amazing night for women of color in TV.

WORST - Tatiana Maslany and Tony Hale bean fight


In another unexplainable turn of events, the Emmys took pause to show Tatiana Maslany and Tony Hale scouring the Emmys red carpet for loose change and jewels -- only to get into a fake fight over a can of beans. Security eventually breaks it up but it doesn't stop the audience from wondering, "Why is this happening?"

BEST -  Tracy Morgan returns to TV


After a tragic car accident put Tracy Morgan in a coma for eight days and then through a year of extensive physical therapy, the comedian made a triumphant return to television by presenting the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy. He received a standing ovation from the crowd and made his comeback heartwarming and funny with a touching speech before delivering the biggest award of the night.

BEST - 'Game of Thrones' ends Emmy series drought


"Game of Thrones" has been the most talked about show on television since it began five years ago. While the show is always a darling at the Creative Arts Emmy awards, the show has never taken home the trophy for Outstanding Drama Series. It has been nominated every year since 2011, but 2015 is the first year they've nabbed the win. Peter Dinklage also won for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama and David Benioff and D.B. Weiss took home their first writing award for the show.

All wins may be chalked up to it being "Game of Thrones" book series writer George R.R. Martin's birthday.

Posted by:Megan Vick