At long, long last, Jon Hamm is an Emmy winner. The 16-time nominee finally got his gold statue from the Television Academy during Sunday's (Sept. 20) 67th annual Emmy Awards ceremony.

Hamm won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his critically acclaimed work as Don Draper on AMC's "Mad Men." The actor walked up to the Emmy stage playfully -- he pretended to fall onto it -- and once he stood up was presented the award by real-life friend and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" co-star Tina Fey.

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"There has been a terrible mistake, clearly. Thank you for that," Hamm says in his acceptance speech. "This is impossible. It's impossible to be named with all of those extraordinary gentlemen. It's impossible to be standing up here, it's impossible to have done this show with this incredible cast, with these incredible people, our incredible writers, our incredible crew, the network and studio who put this on, Lionsgate and AMC, am I saying that right?

"And it's incredible and impossible for me personally to be standing here," Hamm continues. "So I want to thank the people to whom I owe an incredible debt, people who in my life have gotten me here -- families who have chosen for some reason to take me in and be nice to me along this strange, strange road. So to Bud and Susie, and Maryann and Ted, and Ernie and Carolyn, and Vick and Linda, and Gary and Sue and my sisters, Cora and Jen, thank you all very much. I would not be standing here without you. Thank you to everyone who watched the show and thank you for this."

For those who don't know, St. Louis Post-Dispatch TV critic Gail Pennington gave some background information on all the people Hamm thanked in his speech.

Posted by:Kara Warner