Andy Samberg at the 2015 Golden Globes

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” isn’t in FOX’s lineup Sunday (Sept. 20), but star Andy Samberg still is.

The actor-comedian will join the roster of “Saturday Night Live” alumni, including Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, who have hosted the television industry’s biggest event as he presides over the 67th Emmy Awards. Surely, other networks are represented among the nominees — HBO’s “Game of Thrones” leads with 24 bids, followed by FX’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show” with 19 — but it makes sense for FOX to go to one of its own to steer the occasion, and Samberg believes he’s ready for it.

“It’s a tricky balance with award shows when you’re hosting,” he tells Zap2it. “You don’t want to overstay your welcome, but you don’t want to do so little that no one noticed you were there, so you try and find that medium. As far as things I don’t like about awards shows, I would probably say the commercials … but they’re not going anywhere.”

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Actually, the Emmy Awards overall will get a long commercial of its own, thanks to “FOX NFL Sunday.” Earlier that day, the network will present a football doubleheader, and the pre-show and halftime show will originate from the Emmy red carpet at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater L.A. Live. An avowed San Francisco 49ers fan, Samberg enjoys “any association with football — not just because of the ratings, but also because it means that they’ll run ads [for his shows] during the games and all of my friends will see me.”

If Samberg is relatively new to the Emmys, the ceremony’s executive producer surely isn’t. Variety-show veteran Don Mischer has overseen it numerous times, and he reasons, “The two things that make the most difference are who wins and what did they say. And as a producer, you have absolutely no control over that.

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“We hope that we will have unexpected winners, which will make the show more interesting. And I think we have a better chance of that this year, because I think that the diversity and inclusiveness of this year’s nominees are greater than I’ve ever known before.”

Samberg has been to the Emmy dance as a nominee several times, winning in 2007 for co-composing an “SNL” song for himself and guest Justin Timberlake: the infamous “D… in a Box.” With his “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” co-star Andre Braugher a current nominee for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series, Samberg likely has a horse in at least one Emmy race, but he knows what sort of host he wants to be generally.

“Hopefully, a funny one,” he says. “Tina [Fey] and Amy [Poehler] obviously are the standard, and they’re just so good at keeping it feeling really loose, with a lot of really good writing underneath that. It’s something that only they can do, I think, but I’ll try and do whatever version of it we come to, and we’ll write as much as we can and sift through the stuff and pick the best.”


Posted by:Jay Bobbin