Chris Rock made his "Empire" debut as gangster Frank Gathers during the Season 2 premiere. While the character's penchant for sending decapitated heads in a box to Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) should be enough to scare you, a more disturbing part of his personality was made much more low key.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals in their Season 2 profile of the show that the original script for the episode makes it blatantly clear that Frank Gathers is a cannibal. FOX wanted to axe that part from the script entirely, but when Rock showed up to set creator and director Lee Daniels went ahead and filmed the sequence as intended. In the original scene Rock is eating from buckets of human parts and there's no ambiguity about it. The network shut it down again and Rock was flown back to set for re-shoots.

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In the final air version it's barely noticeable what Gathers is really up to except for two key scenes. In the first, he's meaning to intimidate another prisoner into helping him figure out who ratted him out to put him in prison in the first place. "Are you hungry?" doesn't seem like such a terrible question, and some may have wondered why the inmate was so disturbed by the question. The next scene makes it a little more obvious.


In the second scene viewers still can't see what Gathers is eating, but the beat up and disgusted look on the inmate's face makes it clear that something strange is going on. Just Gathers eating makes him snitch on Cookie. With the added context that Gathers was intended to be eating people, suddenly the weak stomach makes a lot of sense.

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Posted by:Megan Vick