Zap2it: On FOX’s Friday comedy “Enlisted,” you play Pvt. Randy Hill, the youngest of three brothers — behind Geoff Stults and Chris Lowell — in the Army, stationed at the same base in Florida. How are you getting along with your TV brothers?
Parker Young: I’m so happy here. I feel like it’s too good to be true. I’m in a bar [set] here; we were marching with guns earlier. My brothers, I adore. They’re like my real brothers.
Zap2it: Do you have a favorite?
Parker Young: Geoff and Chris are both equally fun to hang out with, but Geoff and I get along really good. We’ve really allowed ourselves to fall into this brother relationship. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I don’t look at him as some random actor that I met in Hollywood. I look at him as a brother.
Zap2it: Is it tough to live up to his real brother and “7th Heaven” co-star, actor George Stults?

Parker Young: I couldn’t possibly live up to George. But George and I have the same exact birthday, Aug. 16 — his real brother and me. We went camping a couple of weeks ago. Geoff’s just taken me under his wing.
Zap2it: How was the boot-camp training in El Paso, Texas, before production started?

Parker Young: I want to be on the obstacle course, the parachutes, the shooting, all that stuff. Realistically, a lot of it was making your bed and cleaning. It’s not all the fun stuff. When we were leaving El Paso, they were thinking I might not want to leave.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare