On Thursday (March 10), pop diva superstar Mariah Carey revealed that she is filming her own reality show. The five-time Grammy award winner will take audiences behind the scenes of her Vegas residency show, “Mariah #1 to Infinity,” chronicle her upcoming European tour and share private at-home moments of her twins toddlers, Monroe and Morocco, whom she shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon, and time with her new billionaire fiance, James Packer.

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“Mariah’s excited to show some personal family moments,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It’ll definitely show another side to her.” A second source adds that she’s thinking of calling the show, “Mariah’s Squad,” and that the series will be “nuts.”

Oh, there’s no doubt that the series will be crackerjacks. This is the woman who drank champagne in a bath tub while filming “MTV Cribs” over a decade ago, and this documentary-style show has all the makings to make the women of  Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” look like the 99 percent.

While the premiere date hasn’t been announced, this is how Zap2it envisions the first episode of what we would title show, “Mariah: Your Average Filthy Rich Diva.”

That jet-set life. ✈️✈️✈️

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First, audiences are given a tour of Mariah’s private jet. “I’m allergic to flying commercial,” she says, while in the background, four of her designer teacup size dogs are being groomed by their personal caretaker.

"Flying high again" … Duhhh It's a song 😘

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“I can’t wait to get home to see ‘dem babies!” she adds. Her 4-year old kids are indeed adorable. Let’s say it’s Monroe and Morocco’s birthday, and there’s no way they receive less presents than they did on Christmas.

#TBT Christmas morning is the best I #cantletgo. 🎄🎁

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Now that the kids are napping, Mariah is supposed to go into the recording studio for work, but my God, it’s already been an exhausting day! “Can they come to me?” she asks. Well, duh.

Then it’s showtime and Mariah has to get to Caesar’s Palace to perform. While draped in diamonds and holding her gold-plated microphone she complains that things are “hectic.”

Hectic #backstagemoments

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Her backstage rider reveals that she needs the temperature set to 72 degrees, vanilla-scented candles that spell out her name, a brand of hand cream that costs $1000 per ounce, and a special liquid throat soother that she tries to hide from camera since it’s still technically illegal in the United States.

After her sold-out show, in which she sings everyone’s favorite songs from “Vision of Love” to “Butterfly,” it’s time for a special dinner date with her Australian billionaire fiance. She and Packer ask the Vegas strip to shut down for the evening so that they can have an uninterrupted private fireworks show while they dip edible diamonds in dark chocolate for dessert.


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Finally, it’s off to bed. She has her team of people undress her, remove her make-up and brush her teeth.


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“What a day!” Mariah says, “Baby, I need some R&R.” Packer then whistles and before you know it, with the kiddies in tow, they are jetting off to their private island. While making sandcastles, Mariah looks at the camera and says, “See! I’m a playful mom just like everyone else!”

Two little #crabcakes #pondebeach ☀️

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“Did you get that shot?” Mariah asks the camera crew.

“Great!” she says, snapping her fingers. Suddenly, a team of four nannies take over child duty, and Mariah and Packer bask in the sun while sipping Cristal.

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