in “Solos” (March 29), nearly everyone’s baggage comes pouring out of the proverbial overhead compartment… With one glorious exception.

Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) date with Oliver (Jonathan Patrick Moore) — ending in matching his-and-hers tranq darts — leads to a particularly wicked morning-after reckoning. At least Oliver’s haunted and hidden past wasn’t of the Shepherd-engineered variety… And neither was this abduction, although it’s a fun turning of the tables to have Jane be the Plus One in a vendetta against Oliver.

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Seems Oliver’s dad swindled quite a few people out of their life savings in an elaborate Ponzi scheme before disappearing with the money, leaving Oliver a not-exactly-Dickensian but still fatherless waif — with a name change. Jane can relate to the rogue criminal parent and shady family drama stuff, of course. (And the new identity, for that matter.)

It’s a long-drawn out (and not super exciting) way of showing us that despite having so much in common, some relationships are just missing that certain je ne sais quoi… Oh, and that some guys just can’t handle a strong woman. There’s that, too.

Let’s see if we’ve got this right, Oliver: Jane saves your butt about five different times during the course of this misadventure, the one caused by your crazy family drama, not hers, but you then conclude that you don’t have the emotional real estate to spare for her larger than life presence?

jaimie alexander jonathan patrick moore jane oliver lodge blindspot nbc Everybodys Blindspot baggage is getting heavy    but Romans finally cleared for takeoff

We don’t actually see Oliver crawl away, but it would have paired so perfectly with that “meh” break-up speech. Good riddance, and don’t let the door hit your delicate backside with too much real-life-is-hard-and-so-is-gravity force on your way out…

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As for Edgar Reade (Rob Brown), it looks like rock bottom got tired of waiting for him and decided to meet him halfway. Quitting the awesome job, telling the awesome boss to shove it, and then trying to score drugs off an ex perp? Yes, drugs make smart people do dumb stuff. Even so, Reade is infinitely more complex than this, and he deserves a storyline to match. Here’s hoping we’ve found the exit ramp.


Meanwhile, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) is approaching the grieving process with her trademark rational analysis and clear-headed strategy, just like she’s decoding a tattoo. But of course: If only thinking about feelings was the same thing as feeling them. While she insists to Dr. Sun (Li Jun Li) that she’s perfectly positioned to move on, after witnessing her two-faced, traitorous ex-lover blowing himself to bits in her presence — closure with a capital C, to her logical mind — trying to take her with him… Her apartment later that night begs to differ, as she rips it apart in search of any additional bugs.

luke mitchell li jun li roman sun blindspot nbc Everybodys Blindspot baggage is getting heavy    but Romans finally cleared for takeoff

And then there’s the sublime Roman holiday underway, one that will surely prove to be even more fun than Audrey Hepburn scampering through Rome without a chaperone… Although Dr. Sun says otherwise, and in this ep manages to bank a few “I told you so’s” for future dispersal. Oh, you crazy FBI kids with your “I’m fine!” stoicism and your “He’s fine…probably” optimism! Like Jane, we’d been waiting for this: Roman (Luke Mitchell) off the leash. (Also, Jane happy: Nice package deal.) Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Nas (Archie Panjabi) rightly conclude that you can’t expect an asset like Roman to thrive in a Hannibal cell.

Risky move? Sure. But is Roman any good to anyone if he’s beaten so far down that he’s just rocking back and forth in a semi-catatonic state like a sad caged gorilla? King Kong needs some room to pound his chest and yes, maybe break some sh**…

But that’s what makes Kong so epic, and it’s exactly what we want for Roman.

“Blindspot” airs Wednesdays at p.m. ET/PT on NBC. Five episodes remain in Season 2, the finale airs May 17, and while a third season has not been ordered, ratings remain just about equal with “The Blacklist.”

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