At Screener, we watch a lot of television on a lot of devices -- here are our picks for this month's TV-related streaming offerings, and some last-chance ideas for stuff leaving streaming over the course of the next few weeks.

netflix logo streaming guide Everything on every screen: The Screener Streaming Guide, March 2017

  • March 7: Amy Schumer’s new standup special drops
  • March 10 we see the premieres of several other Netflix Originals: “Burning Sands,” a Sundance acquisition about hazing; Season 2 of Judd Apatow’s first Netflix comedy, “Love”; and a whole season of the new time-jumping rock and roll fantasy “One More Time.”
  • March 14, the very troubled Jim Norton’s “Mouthful of Shame” special appears, which sounds about right.

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March 16: Season 1 of Dutch series “Beau Sejour” -- a moody mystery in which a dead woman solves her own murder while trying to figure out why only certain people can see her -- debuts, and on March 17 a good deal of highly anticipated Netflix Original content drops, including:

  • Sundance buy “Diedra & Laney Rob a Train” and South Korean disaster flick “Pandora
  • Season 1 of import “Samurai Gourmet,” based on a Japanese manga about an old man eating food
  • Season 1 of “Marvel’s Iron Fist,” based on an American comic book about a young white guy who learns kung fu

March 18: Season 8 of “The Vampire Diaries” appears alongside “Come and Find Me,” a recent mystery joint starring Aaron Paul by the latest Whedon brother, Zack.

March 23: Find out who's #UnderTheSheet, if you somehow missed that, in “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 3.

March 24: The third season of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda as “Grace & Frankie” drops, with the fascinating first season of Mexico’s “Ingobernable,” which stars Kate del Castillo as the First Lady of Mexico and has been described as “House of Cards” meets “The Good Wife.”

March 27, Netflix has “Better Call Saul” Season 2, followed on March 28 by “Archer” Season 7, and on March 31, a great deal of exciting stuff makes its way to Netflix, including:

  • Straight-up mind-blowing 2012 documentary “GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," no doubt in preparation for their debuting-soon Jenji Kohan's series "G.L.O.W."
  • The first seasons of Fox’s “Rosewood” and Cancel Bear-bait “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life
  • And the eleventh mystifying season of “Trailer Park Boys” and two seasons of “The Carmichael Show” fill out the back catalog.

The heavily hyped new releases for March 31 include:

  • Netflix Originals “The Most Hated Woman in America,” starring appropriately enough Melissa Leo as activist Madalyn Murray O'Hair in her fight to enforce the separation of church and state in public classrooms
  • Five Came Back,” a documentary about all those fascinating connections between Hollywood and World War II
  • Sundance sale “The Discovery,” in which stars Jason Segal, Rooney Mara, Jesse Plemons, Riley Keough and Robert Redford, among others, deal with the societal ramifications of a proven afterlife—in tone and mission a fit companion for “The Leftovers
  • And the debut of “13 Reasons Why,” a teen mystery about suicide and revenge that will have parents scratching their heads like the good old days of "Pretty Little Liars."


In less happy Netflix news: Hard month for Anglophiles all around!

Leaving Netflix March 1:

  • Beloved historicals “The Buccaneers,” “North & South” and “Monarch of the Glen
  • All of “Torchwood,” "Copper" and “Robin Hood
  • The entirety of British comedies “Keeping Up Appearances,”  “Vicar of Dibley,” and the more recent “The Office
  • And the finely aged, original “House of Cards” trilogy -- since its 1990 debut still one of the most chilling things you will ever see on TV.

March 3 we bid adieu to “The Crown’s” sassier younger sister/grandmother “Victoria,” followed by all of the brilliant “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” on March 7, and on Mach 15 we lose the complete “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “Sword Art Online,” and—this one hurts—all five seasons of the ridiculously vital “A Different World.”

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Also: The “Justice League” animated movies “War” and “The Flashpoint Paradox” along with “National Lampoon's Animal House,” leave March 1; and on the sixteenth Netflix bidz farewell to Paul Weitz’s 2006 big-budget comedy salute to “American Idol,” “American Dreamz.”

hulu logo streaming guide Everything on every screen: The Screener Streaming Guide, March 2017

The big news: On March 1, Hulu drops the ambitious and painfully relevant “National Treasure,” a four-part miniseries about government corruption that’s almost too close for comfort.

March 6: Hulu premieres Fox’s “Making History” and “Time After Time” from ABC; Season 8 of “Real Housewives of New York City”; and professional-videogamer documentary “A Gamer’s Life,” which is absolutely fascinating.

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March 10: Hulu premieres of “The Catch” Season 2 (ABC) and “Kicking & Screaming” (Fox), as well as the complete Season 3 of Cartoon Network’s brilliant “Steven Universe.” (And if you believe there is such a thing, we hear Season 2 of “Angie Tribeca” will appear 3/11.)

  • March 17: Season 2 of Noah Hawley's very necessary “Fargo” drops, with Patrick Wilson and "Legion's" Rachel Keller.
  • March 21: Hulu begins streaming the current season of “Dancing with the Stars,” releases Season 2 of “Fear the Walking Dead,” and Freeform’s “Bachelor” spinoff “The Twins: Happily Ever After” will start on the service.
  • March 24: The first season of the “Powerpuff Girls” reboot arrives
  • March 28: "Archer" Season 7 debuts
  • March 29: Hulu Original series “Harlots”—a period piece about a family business—finally debuts. (Which reminds us: Only one month before the April 26 premiere of the just astonishingly greatHandmaid’s Tale”!)


  • Spike’s “Ink Master” and TV Land’s “Impastor” are also leaving Hulu March 6 and 7 respectively.

hbo logo streaming guide Everything on every screen: The Screener Streaming Guide, March 2017

  • On March 1, the outstanding original “M*A*S*H” film comes to HBO, and March 11, HBO releases the new Jerrod Carmichael special, “8,” while the HBO documentary “Cries from Syria” appears March 13.


showtime logo streaming guide Everything on every screen: The Screener Streaming Guide, March 2017

Every day in March, Showtime's offering some intriguing streaming collections: Celebrating the forthcoming “Twin Peaks” series, they're offering the original series -- as well as “Fire Walk With Me” and David Lynch's Blue Velvet” and “Lost Highway.” There’s also a similar collection for Coen Brothers fans, including “Fargo,” “The Ladykillers” and “No Country for Old Men.”

Of Showtime's March offerings, though, the most notable is a bizarre grab-bag of films that share solely the fact that a woman directed them, I guess in case you’re in one of those “I don’t care what is in front of my face, as long as a woman directed this” moods: “The Hurt Locker,” “Love the Coopers” with Steve Martin, Lena Dunham’s “Tiny Furniture,” and… “What Women Want.” I mean it’s uncanny.

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Documentary debuts: The crucial “American Jihad” March 11, another round of Natasha Leggero’s great “SXSW Comedy” clips March 17, and the Baylor basketball murder scandal doc “Disgraced” on March 31.



And finally in Amazon Prime news: "Hand of God" debuts its second season March 10, and Season 4 of Screener favorite "Orphan Black" will show up March 16.

Join us next month for more picks, recommendations and surprises, only from Screener.

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