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People who have hosted “Saturday Night Live” are in a relatively small fraternity. People who have hosted it well? That group is even smaller.

Now, on the verge of her very first time hosting the venerable sketch comedy show, Amy Schumer is getting some advice from a former host. And although she may be labeling it a “hostile text,” when Kevin Hart speaks any comedian would be wise to listen.

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“Hey, I know you’re hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ tonight,” Hart texted Schumer this morning (Oct. 10) just hours before her “SNL” debut. “If you get nervous during your monologue, just tell the audience that you know me. I promise, it will help.”

As far as advice goes, Hart is actually pretty on the mark. Although Schumer is immensely popular coming off “Trainwreck” and her “Inside Amy Schumer” TV show, the “Ride Along” funnyman is the undisputed king of comedy on social media, with 22 million followers.

“Or, you can FaceTime me,” Hart texts, continuing his advice. “But I probably wouldn’t be able to pick up because I’m busy doing stuff.”

By taking their conversation public, Schumer is not only digging up some free publicity for tonight’s show, but also showing us all what it would be like to have “Kevin” (as her phone reads) randomly texting us. “Just spit-balling here…I’m just trying to help,” Hart texts. “You know what, f**k it…you will be fine…I hope…God Bless…K Hart out.”

Schumer posted a screen grab of the conversation and labeled it “hostile text,” but who knows? Maybe tonight she’ll end up FaceTiming with Kevin Hart. Undoubtedly, the comedian has had a busy day getting ready, but she did have enough time to post Hart’s text, as well as one more adorable Twitter statement.

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