Having just wrapped his forthcoming — and mysterious — appearance on “Supergirl,” Kevin Sorbo was more than happy to sit down and chat with us about that process, his theories on how “Hercules” paved the way for today’s action and superhero megahits, and more.

The 58-year-old actor plays the husband of recently announced guest star Teri Hatcher. “I just finished shooting — I got back from Canada yesterday, and it was really great. Teri and I had a fantastic time working together,” the actor told us Saturday, Feb. 25.

“It’s funny because [“Lord of the Rings” director] Peter Jackson once said that Hercules really catapulted this whole thing on TV, with action shows. We started with ‘Herc,’ then spun off ‘Xena,’ then spun off ‘Young Hercules’ — with a 20-year-old Ryan Gosling! Then all these people tried to copy that show — ‘Sinbad,’ ‘Tarzan,’ ‘Conan,’ ‘Robin Hood.’ Ever since then, and because of their success, [we get] all these action movies and Marvel comic book characters.”

“I think people want to have an escape,” Sorbo added, explaining the success of such shows. “People like to fantasize and escape reality, because there’s so much crap in the world.”

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The “Andromeda” star spent seven years in New Zealand playing the lead in “Hercules: The Legendary Journey,” as well as guest starring on its spin-off, “Xena: Warrior Princess.” While he treasured his time Down Under, he admits to being miffed he hasn’t been invited back for further projects from the “Hercules” team.

“I loved it down there — I lived there for seven years, on the lake in Takapuna in Auckland, and I miss it,” Sorbo told us. “I’ve been back for a couple of Comic-Cons, but other than that… And it’s funny, because the same group of guys that did ‘Hercules’ are now doing ‘Ash vs Evil Dead,’ and they did ‘Spartacus’ before that. And they didn’t have me back down once! I was going, ‘Really?’ I actually emailed the producers. I think they’re kind of jerks not to bring me back down again… I do.” Harsh words from Hercules — although he followed up, “But I’ve been busy, so I can’t complain…”

And he certainly has. As well as a steady stream of film and TV gigs since wrapping the hit series, Sorbo has voiced several video games and worked behind the scenes as a producer. He has a Christmas movie coming other later this year, “Let There Be Light,” and he’s working hoard on a series of shorts poking fun at “how ridiculous political correctness has become.”

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A regular on the convention circuit, Sorbo and his wife, Sam Jenkins, also have three children — who keep him on his toes. We met with him at the pre-Oscars “Celebrity Connected” gifting suite at the Millennium Biltmore in LA, and he was more than a little intrigued by one of the sneakier items, a GPS watch from iStaySafe: “My favorite thing from today is this tracking watch — I’ve got three kids, so I’m going to secretly give it to one of my teenagers, so I know where the heck he is,” laughed Sorbo, adding that his eldest is “already starting to” get into trouble.

“This thing has an emergency call button, so it would be easy to keep in touch with where my kids are and what they’re doing.”

Seems like everything with Kevin Sorbo is exactly where we left it: The Raimi jab, as well as the preoccupations with surveillance and “political correctness,” are all classic Sorbo moves. And while we missed out on getting hear the latest conspiracy theories, we’ll always have this very forthright podcast to remind us exactly where he stands on topics like religious freedom, persecution, and who’s really in charge of Hollywood.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Leena Tailor

Kiwi journalist based in Los Angeles.