curt doussett red carpet nc 325 'Exit' host Curt Doussett: 'Falling's easy; it's the landing part that sucks'

Zap2it: You’re the host of the six-episode Syfy reality competition show “Exit,” based on a Japanese series called “Dero!” in which contestants have to battle to escape a series of four bizarre and mind-bending rooms, playing brain games, solving puzzles and facing their fears, in hopes of winning $10,000. They also must face scary situations — so, were the episodes geared to the fears of the individual contestants?
Curt Doussett: I think it was mostly random. I don’t think we knew ahead of time exactly what they were afraid of. We discovered that when they would first come into the main rotunda. I’d talk to them and find out what they’re afraid of. Some of them were terrified of heights; some weren’t. So it was a potluck.
Zap2it: Do you have specific things that you’re afraid of?
Curt Doussett: Questions. No, I don’t know. I have five kids. Nothing, really. Not heights — landing, maybe, from heights, I would think. Falling’s easy; it’s the landing part that sucks. I don’t really have too many innate fears, so I’m OK.
Zap2it: Will there be a lot of surprises for the audience along the way?
Curt Doussett: No matter who you think is going to do well, you’re wrong.
Zap2it: Were there particular contestants that handled certain fears better than other contestants?
Curt Doussett: Yeah, I don’t know. Short people had an easier time with heights, maybe. They were probably more terrified of water than the tall people.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare