usher she came to give it to you fashion rocks 'Fashion Rocks' live from Barclays: Luke Bryan, Jennifer Lopez and more celebrate fashion and musicUsher strutting around the stage performing his summer smash “She Came to Give It to You” is a good way to start any live concert special, so it is no surprise that the “Fashion Rocks” concert special Tuesday (Sept. 9th) live from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY chose the smooth-dancing R&B artist to kick off the celebration of fashion and music.

Of course, the two-hour special was little more than an excuse for all the artists involved to promote new music and for Macy’s to introduce a live shopping element that will probably be popping up on reality singing shows any day now. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an entertaining few hours of performances with everyone from Enrique Iglesias to Nikki Minaj putting in an an appearance. 

All the stars were dressed to the nines whether they were performing or just stopping by quickly. Nick Jonas showed off his newly buff physique courtesy of the training required for his new show “Kingdom”, Miranda Lambert looked hot and fit in a red silk jumpsuit and glittery heels, and Enrique took the stage somehow still looking just as young as he did more than a decade ago. Seacrest and company did an admirable job attempting to intertwine the importance of fashion to the music industry between performances, but the message never felt like anything more than something shoehorned in to the fun everyone was having on stage. 
Jennifer Hudson’s early performance of her new song “It’s Your World” accompanying the first designer fashion show was one highlight of the night, and another track off her new album bookended the show. “Dangerous” was the better performed of the two as well as having the most entertaining runway of the night, a 70’s themed show complete with catwalks and disco balls hanging from the set. Out of everyone, the country artists came ready to perform far more than any other genre. Granted, they have more practice in a stadium environment and they had the least amount of runway shows as distraction, but Luke Bryan’s performance of “I See You” and Miranda Lambert’s strut-heavy “Little Red Wagon” left most other performances in the dust as far as energy and audience interaction went. 
Rita Ora did her best cover of the David Bowie classic “Fashion”, a good choice for a night appropriate as any to try new things as an artist especially if it’s relevant to the theme. Her outfit was bold and was a good tactic to set her apart from the half-naked models stalking the stage around her. The camera cut away from Minaj’s “Anaconda” routine so many times it is probable they were editing it for content as best they could, the one sure thing about that performance is that J-Lo was not impressed with Nikki’s booty bragging. 
Duran Duran took the stage for a crowd-pleasing rendition of one of their most famous songs ever, “Hungry Like the Wolf”, which didn’t resonate much with the young in-house audience but went a long way towards proving that the group still has it after all these years.

The same doesn’t go for Kiss, who had some energy on stage but relied mostly on the history of “I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night” to get the crowd pumped and dancing. All in all, a fun night of music and fashion in Brooklyn that did its job as fun summer event programming and a platform for new songs from artists in every genre.

We’ll add videos just as soon as they’re available.

Posted by:Whitney McIntosh