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While AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” may want you to be afraid of a zombie apocalypse in theory, the show is going out of its way to show who the real danger is in this world: The living.

With the world falling into chaos as walkers start coming back to life, it’s the military that truly poses the biggest threat. Using the horror of what’s happening around them, the military has taken over Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Maddie’s (Kim Dickens) neighborhood like a police state, imposing rules and limitations while offering no answers or accountability to those they’re ruling over.

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As if that’s not bad enough, they’ve also started ridding themselves of undesirables — sick, wounded, drug-addled, etc. — to thin the herd of people in the safe zone. Sadly, that means Nick (Frank Dilane) has been removed from his family, shipped off to some mysterious hospital with no indication of when he’ll be coming back.

As the episode comes to a close, with one child shipped off and another — Alicia (Alycia Debman-Carey) — cutting to help cope with the stress of everything they’re going through — Travis finally realizes the grave danger they’re facing, even inside their supposedly safe walls.

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After trying to shut down Maddie and Christopher’s (Lorenzo James Henrie) beliefs that they are people alive outside of the fence, he sees for himself how right they are as the hidden survivors were murdered.

Now that he realizes the threat of their supposed saviors, it’s time for Travis to take a stand. Maddie’s already there, venturing outside of the fence and seeing the military kill uninfected people. It’s time to stop these outsiders before they all end up dead.

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