Los Angeles is gone and our brave survivors have taken to the high seas in the Season 2 premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead,” but they aren’t alone.

In the season opener, “Monster,” clearly the idea that you can’t outright trust strangers is lost on some people — namely, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). After a very short time on the water, she decides to seek out comfort in new friends over the CB radio. There’s no cell phone or Internet, so she’s got to go somewhere.

After spending a long time talking with a stranger on another boat, Alicia accidentally lets the location (and food supply) of their boat slip and now the survivors are being followed by … someone.

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It certainly seems as if they’re pirates on the prowl for other boats they can prey in — in this case, Strand’s (Colman Domingo) yacht.

You’d think Alicia would know better than trusting strangers at this point. After all, viewers remember the horrible atrocities the military pulled off in Season 1, why would these new people be any different? Strand is a suspicious enough character as it is, do you really want to spread yourself this thin with so many people?

It’s a continuing trait in “Fear the Walking Dead” — as well as its parent show, “The Walking Dead” — that the real danger isn’t in the zombies that want to snack on them, but the human beings also looking to survive.

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Still, this is fairly early in the apocalypse and it’s a bit shocking to not only see how quickly society has fallen apart, but how easily it is to turn people against each other. At this rate, you have to wonder how long it’ll take for those on the yacht to start turning on each other.

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