After the fall of Los Angeles in season 1, “Fear the Walking Dead” is back and taking to the water to escape an onslaught of walkers who want nothing more than to snack on them. The companion show to “The Walking Dead” is diving deeper into the zombie apocalypse than ever before, as this group of survivors faces threats on land and at sea.

Before the Season 2 premiere, Zap2it spoke with the cast and showrunner Dave Erickson to find out exactly what fans should be looking forward to — beyond some seriously brutal walker action. Check out five major teases that could be potential game changers for the series below.

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1. Los Angeles is no longer an option

With the gang high-tailing it for the boat, it’s time to set sail and say goodbye to their homeland. “What’s interesting now is we wanted to start Season 2 with the clear realization that there’s no Los Angeles to go back to,” Erickson teases.

He continues, “I think that, coupled with all of the losses they’ve suffered … we’re on a boat. We end up in the middle of the ocean. There is no place to go and I think what’s interesting is all the dynamics. All the baggage these characters have brought with them plays out to a certain degree.

2. Cabin fever on Strand’s boat is a real threat

When you’re stuck on a boat with a bunch of the same people for long periods of time, it’s only natural that things are going to get a little crowded. Cabin fever is a real thing and it’s something this group is going to have to face.

“When you’re trapped on a boat in the middle of nowhere … as contained as it was physically because of the boat, it almost feels like emotionally things expand in an interesting way,” Erickson says.

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“As a plot point, it’s something I really loved because I think it forces these characters … Suddenly it’s a much more focused look at each character,” Alycia Debnam-Carey says. “It forces them to interact and you also see where the alliances and dynamics are.”

3. Some surprising characters will acclimate to the apocalypse really well

Sure, Strand and Nick seem to be at least partially comfortable navigating in this new and very dangerous world. They’re not the only ones, though.

“What [Travis] is going to see is a Chris who is embracing elements of the apocalypse which are concerning,” Erickson teases. “But he also is going to see Chris embracing elements of the apocalypse that seem to offer catharsis, offer release.”

4. Zombies aren’t the only thing tearing at Chris and Travis

After killing his ex – and mother of his son Chris — in the Season 1 finale, Travis is having a hard go of life at sea. With Chris being his only living family, the two of them have a tough road to travel.

“It’s going to be Chris at a very dark place, with him accepting that his father took his mother’s life,” Lorenzo James Henrie says. “I think the beautiful journey of Chris and Travis is the healing of that wound but also the darkness of the past that’s about to unfold for them both.”

“Travis is broken, he has to kill someone he loved, compassionate as it may have been,” Cliff Curtis adds. “I think the only thing keeping Travis in the show is Chris.”

“His new life is me and it’s me trying to accept that,” Henrie teases. “It’s good friction between the two characters.”

5. Nick wants to know what’s causing the dead to rise

So what actually caused walkers to take control? It’s a question that has plagued fans of the zombie genre for years, but there’s rarely an answer. At the very least though, Frank will be looking for one.

“One thing nobody ever asks is what’s going on,” Frank Dilane says with a laugh. “Nobody seems to have an answer for it but I think Nick starts to address that question a little bit for himself. Is it end times? Judgement day comes in many forms … I’m not saying we get into it by the [Bible], but the understanding of what judgement day would look like, I’ve certainly been thinking about that a lot as an actor.

“Nick’s journey becomes a spiritual one,” he adds.

“Feat the Walking Dead” Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 10, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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