matt moneymaker et all finding bigfoot animal planet 325 'Finding Bigfoot' on Animal Planet, if nowhere elseSome believe that there is a large, hairy, bipedal ape-manlike creature skulking about in the woods, occasionally being seen by humans but generally staying out of sight. If true, that’s quite an accomplishment, since the bigfoot, or sasquatch, has been reported to be as large as 8 feet tall.
Others believe you’re more likely to find a unicorn in Central Park.

On Sunday, Nov. 11, new episodes of “Finding Bigfoot”?return on Animal Planet. The show sends four adventurers on a search for definitive evidence one way or the other. They are Matt Moneymaker, founder and president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization; biologist and bigfoot skeptic Ranae Holland; investigator Cliff Barackman; and fisherman James “Bobo” Fay. They travel from small Southern towns to remote forests of the Pacific Northwest and the wilds of Alaska in search of an answer to the bigfoot mystery.

Barackman bases his confidence that the creature exists on the persistence of evidence.

“For me,” he tells Zap2it, “the most compelling evidence is the congruency of all the evidence. We can look at eyewitness encounters — that’s not hard data; that’s anecdotal. However, if we look at the accounts — and these written accounts go back over 200 years.

“You can look at pioneer newspapers and whatnot, from the Midwest and back East, they’re describing, in great detail, the same creatures that people see today, not only morphologically, in body shape and size and all, but also in behaviors as well.”

While Barackman also points to consistencies in casts believed to be of the creature’s feet, Holland remains unconvinced.

“Arguably,” she says, “there’s a lot of evidence. But for me, the hard evidence hasn’t been discovered. That’s my personal opinion. I mean, the anecdotal evidence, the casts that are out there. Arguably, people say there is DNA, but they’re going to come out with a study.

“But really what this comes down to is a very controversial subject: Is this an animal or not? Is it real? These guys have their opinion; I have mine. That’s what the adventure, for me, is about.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare