robbie amell 1 gi Firestorm brings 'Flash vs. Arrow' to an epic conclusionAfter teasing it since the series premiere, Firestorm has finally arrived on “The Flash.” His first appearance came at the very end of “Flash vs. Arrow,” which was a fitting end to the massive showdown between the tho heroes.

Once the dust was settled and Barry was no longer under the mind control of this week’s metahuman, the episode concluded with Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) using fire powers — which were gained after the particle accelerator explosion, turning him into Firestorm — to subdue a couple would-be muggers in Central City.
Now he just needs to reinsert himself in the lives of those he left behind, namely his former fiancee Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). Zap2it caught up with Panabaker at the “Flash vs. Arrow” premiere red carpet to talk about what Caitlin will think when Ronnie returns.
“She’s totally shocked to see him and actually thinks she’s going crazy, which is a logical response when you think your fiance’s dead and then you think you see him in the shopping mall,” Panabaker explains. If that’s her reaction to seeing him, there’s no telling what she’ll do when she finds out he’s a metahuman with the power to create fire using his bare hands. He could be just the thing Barry needs for when Captain Cold makes his way back into town.
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