Having someone to help out with things can be such a blessing and “Flipping Out” housekeeper extraordinaire Zoila loves showing her new assistant Joe the ropes and dispensing some advice in the process.

In a sneak peek scene from an upcoming episode of “Flipping Out,” Zoila gives Joe some dating advice. While the newbie certainly seems welcome to her words of wisdom, Joe isn’t prepared for the tips, which include being aggressive and hitting up strip clubs often.

“You need to be aggressive. Come on! When somebody likes me, I say, ‘Can I give you a kiss?’ You need to go to the stripper. I love it, you need to go there,” Zoila advises, which Joe does not exactly sound thrilled about.

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Also in the episode, titled “Sabotage,” Jeff Lewis and his crew attempt to organize an epic catalog shoot for Living Spaces at the same time Jeff and Gage decide to put their dream home, Gramercy, on the market. With too much on his plate, a stressed-out Jeff does not know if he will be able to successfully pull off this shoot, keep his current clients happy and sell his home all at the same time.

See how it all plays out when the episode of “Flipping Out” airs Wednesday, July 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins