alana de la garza ioan gruffudd forever abc 'Forever's' Alana De La Garza works through Jo's damage with creepy HenryEven if “Forever” doesn’t last as long as its title suggests, Alana De La Garza is happy to be part of it for whatever its tenure turns out to be.

The “Law & Order” alum is enjoying tackling a procedural from a different stance in the Tuesday ABC drama series, which teams her recently widowed NYPD character Jo Martinez with medical examiner Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), someone who really knows what “forever” means. He’s destined to live that long, and only antiques dealer Abe (Judd Hirsch) knows that secret … but Jo realizes there’s definitely something different about Henry.
“He’s really kind of a savant,” De La Garza tells Zap2it, “and she knows that. It’s like she says in the pilot: ‘He’s the strangest, creepiest dude I think I’ve ever met … but man, he’s good at his job.’
“Henry is kind of a loner, and he’s damaged like Jo, in the sense that they’ve both lost the loves of their lives. They throw themselves into their work, and they form this unlikely friendship.”
When “Forever” had a two-night premiere in September, its ratings went up sharply from the first night to the second. “When I saw that it was better than what they expected, it was wonderful,” De La Garza says. “It’s not often that you read a pilot script and it becomes what you’d read on the screen.”
Since the essence of “Forever” largely comes down to the interaction between De La Garza and Gruffudd, she’s grateful for what she terms their “camaraderie” as co-workers.
“You know how you meet someone and feel like you’ve known them your whole life? That’s how I feel about him. We’re great friends in real life, and I think that translates to the screen, and that’s hopefully what viewers feel. We have so much fun.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin