It was only a matter of time before “Forever” had Henry come across an old acquaintance during a case. It was also only a matter of time before Lucas would tell a cute reporter all of the details of a delicate case. And do an unauthorized exam on a dead body on a morgue. And tell Jo how pretty she is when she’s mad. And … how exactly does Lucas still have a job?

Let’s get back to the matter at hand: The story of one Ms. Gloria Carlyle. From the moment the woman shows up on screen, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the richest people in the city — essentially the Grinch in old lady form — and has a zinger for absolutely everything. It’s her party, and she’ll complain if she wants to:

“I’m 91 years old, I’m never well.”

Simply put: She’s awesome.

Flashbacks show Henry and Abigail crashing a party at the same museum where Gloria Carlyle is eventually murdered, and despite the strange chemistry between the two, neither Gloria nor Henry were actually flirting with each other. Henry and Abigail meet with the not-yet-bitter heiress and learn that, even though she was married with child, at one point she was deeply in love with another man — an unknown artist whose one painting she displays in a museum full of famous painters’ work. That tale of forbidden love turned heartbreak is what causes Henry to propose to Abigail, even though they both know she’ll one day grow old and he won’t.

As the episode progresses, it is rather unfortunate — given how genuinely entertaining the old woman is — that she is the victim in this scenario. Well, “victim.” As it turns out, Gloria’s death was actually a suicide — she only had a few months to live and she was well aware of that. In true mean old lady fashion, she wanted to go out right after she told everyone in her life what she really felt about them. And that’s just what she did. It’s a sad tale, but given what we know about present day Gloria, it’s fitting. She just had to be the center of attention. 

“The party was her suicide note,” Henry says, as he goes about one of his lectures. Jo rightfully calls him out on that habit, so he gets to the point — it was all about the painting. As Gloria’s son explains, his father threatened Gloria’s artist lover, sending him away, and that’s what turned her into the woman she became. She never forgave him. But she got to die in front of her true love’s painting, and that’s all she really wanted.

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Posted by:LaToya Ferguson