Former 'Bachelor' Travis Stork on married life: 'I got this ring on my finger now'Zap2it: What do you think the public can get from watching “The Doctors” every day?

Travis Stork: A lot of the practical information we provide is not something that is necessarily taught in medical school. That doesn’t mean that doctors don’t do a great service — and I’m very proud of the work we all do as physicians — but we’re able to pass along to our viewers the type of information that can truly make a difference.

The show we’re doing this afternoon for “Tuesdays With Dr. Travis” is, “How to Know When You Can Wait for the Doctor and When You Have to Go to the ER.” These are really practical tips. What’s great about our show is that people have developed a relationship with us, and they trust us.

Information can be stored away forever without even realizing it. So when you’re engaged in a show, and we give you a little tidbit to store away in your memory bank, that’s what is the most enjoyable to me.

Some of these shows we’re doing this year, if you miss that show, you could literally be missing a chance to save your or someone else’s life.

Zap2it: You made a splash in reality TV on ABC’s “The Bachelor.” That didn’t end in a wedding, but we hear that you’re a bachelor no more, having wed pediatrician Dr. Charlotte Brown in June. How’s married life?

Travis Stork: I got this ring on my finger now. I still am getting used to wearing it. She’s already seen me forget it.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare