Luke Pell is so good-looking, it’s hard to think of another adjective to describe him other than blessed. But now, when people hear the reality TV star’s name, you can only think liar, cheater… Or idiot.

The Texas-bred stud had it made: A fan favorite on JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette,” he just missed out on being in her Top 3 before easily becoming the audience’s No. 1 pick to be named as the next “Bachelor” star.

But as we know, that’s not how things ended up.

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Host Chris Harrison and “Bachelor” producers took a lot of flack for naming Nick Viall as Season 21’s leading man. The viewers had spoken, and they wanted Luke! Fans were not happy — and neither was Luke. The 32-year-old aspiring country music star spoke to US Magazine about how his bags were packed, his apartment leased out… All in preparation of moving to Los Angeles for the next three months. That’s how confident he was that he was going to be “The Bachelor.”

But the night before he was to jet off, producers called him up and said it was off, that they last minute decided to go another direction.

Now, most former contestants do everything they can to stay in the good graces of the powers that be on the No. 1 reality TV dating series — if they play their cards right, it can be the gift that keeps giving. They can lock down a new profession as a “public figure” and get paid to tout Fab Fit Tea and Diff Eyewear sunglasses on Instagram.

But Luke didn’t stay quiet, he spoke out about the 11th hour change-up. And for what it’s worth, it does sound like producers treated him with a lack of respect and empathy.

But it’s funny no one’s questioned Luke’s real motives for publicly bashing “The Bachelor.”

It’s been portrayed as bold, as implying he’s above caring about TV fame, even though everyone knew his true passion is to become a famous country star. No one wanted to believe such a hot, charming man wasn’t also a true southern gentleman. No one wanted to believe this vision of a perfect man was nothing but smoke and mirrors…

Well, nobody except, of all people, host Chris Harrison: While discussing Luke on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” January 12, Chris says, “At the end of the day, it’s all about sincerity, and when you’re talking to these potential candidates about being the ‘Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’ and their first questions are about money or about potential job opportunities or music careers and they’re not asking about dates, women, love and these things… We really need someone who is actually sincere.”

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And then on March 21, a woman named Airelle Snyder posted a video on her YouTube channel about nearly being cast on “The Bachelor.” Luke, so confident he’d been officially chosen as its next star, took it upon himself to start casting his upcoming season…

And reached out to Airelle to see if she’d be a contestant.

Afterwards, they started dating and — she thought — fell in love. Airelle flew out to LA for the final casting session because Luke assured her that at the end, she’d be the winner. Just to go with it. And so when Luke didn’t get cast, Arielle didn’t think it would matter. She expected the two of them to remain in a committed relationship, and soon be engaged. But Arielle never heard from him again.

In response to Airelle’s confessional video, Luke tweeted this comment, and then quickly deleted it…

Just not quickly enough before Reality Steve could screen shot it.

deleted luke tweet A Bachelor Nation in mourning, as fan favorite Luke Pell turns out to be a huge creep

Turns out Airelle wasn’t the only woman Luke ghosted on after “The Bachelor” rug got pulled out from under him: He abruptly stopped talking to “Bachelor in Paradise” star Jubilee. And he ghosted on that mystery brunette who works at Malibu Wines, Holly Allen. Noticing a pattern?

…Oh, you didn’t know he dated either of these women? Well, he asked each of them to keep their relationship under wraps. But Luke hooked up with all these women and promising each of them they’d get the final rose at the end of his nonexistent run as “The Bachelor.”

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I got a disappointing phone call yesterday. After months of meetings and interviews, I was to be cast in an extremely popular tv show that starts filming in a couple weeks. Logistics didn't pan out, and producers kindly explained that they had to nix me. But immediately after, an entirely different network called because they had seen me in something else and want to work together. It may not be what I had planned, but it is quite an honor. Neither of these were planned. These are purely the result of saying "yes" when opportunities arise and diving in head first. Spontaneously chasing adventures can lead to the glorious unknown. What a fun whimsical adventure each day is. Take advantage!

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airelle snyder tweet A Bachelor Nation in mourning, as fan favorite Luke Pell turns out to be a huge creep

Luke denies any of this is real, but it’s hard to believe anything he’s saying now that Lauren Hussey, a girl who was on Nick’s season for only one week, is speaking out.

She went on the show expecting “The Bachelor” to be Luke — and according to Reality Steve, even brought him a specific gift. So after Nick sent her home, she reached out so she could finally give it to him.

reality steve and luke pell tweet A Bachelor Nation in mourning, as fan favorite Luke Pell turns out to be a huge creep

A mere three weeks after abruptly ditching Airelle, Jubilee, and Holly, Luke began dating Lauren. The two have obviously broken up since, after a nearly 6-month whirlwind romance — and when Lauren came across Airelle’s video, her story sounded eerily familiar.

And on Tuesday (April 4), the two women got together to share their story of how “We Got Played.”

Turns out, Luke also cheated on Lauren. He admitted to her as such after being confronted about it.

And while Luke is clearly not happy that his dirty laundry is getting aired out, Chris Harrison is elated. In fact, it’s Harrison’s response that seems to act like a seal of approval. The host got skewered for calling Luke “insincere” back when he first lost “The Bachelor” role, and he took to Twitter to bask in his redemption.

chris harrison tweet A Bachelor Nation in mourning, as fan favorite Luke Pell turns out to be a huge creep


chris harrison tweet 2 A Bachelor Nation in mourning, as fan favorite Luke Pell turns out to be a huge creep

And no — Luke is not currently dating Danielle Lombard. And no, what Luke did is nothing like being on “The Bachelor.” As questionable as the enterprise is, women knowingly sign up for it — and both parties are completely aware of what’s happening. The two things, one being real life and the other a nearly scripted TV show, can not be compared.

And Luke is still gunning for “Bachelor in Paradise” — which is so dense, it’s actually funny. Although then again, up against somebody like Chad, Luke might actually look like less of a douchebag.

Either way: Good luck with that, bro.

“The Bachelorette” is next up in the franchise, premiering May 22.

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