Is Disney’s hit animated flick “Frozen” poisoning viewers’ thoughts about the American male? “Fox & Friends” seems to think so. Host Steve Doocy voiced such opinions on his program Feb. 4 and made no qualms about saying the film about two sisters empowers young women solely by making men look inferior. 

“From what we’ve seen, it looks like ‘Frozen’ depicts men as evil and cold and bumblers. That’s what it looks like,” Doocy said to Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance. “What kind of message does that send?”
The Christian women’s advocacy group leader echoed Doocy’s conservative beliefs. “It’s not just Disney,” Nance said. “Hollywood in general has often sent a message that men are superfluous, that they’re stupid, that they’re in the way and if they contribute anything to the family, it’s a paycheck. And that is not true, and it is not good social science.”
While Nance doesn’t argue that the Disney film has an empowering effect on young women, she does think it is coming at the expense of every young male in the room. Somehow the activist seems to think this will impair them all the way into adulthood. 
“We want to raise heroes … we want to raise real men,” she says. “That will stick in their families and be great dads and be great providers and great husbands.” 
Doocy and Nance go on to talk about Hollywood creating great roles for men instead of the type depicted in “Frozen” — have they not seen pretty much every superhero film ever made? News flash — there are no shortage of roles depicting men as being superior in Hollywood. 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins