After bringing "The X-Files" back in early 2016 to give fans a taste of modern day Mulder and Scully, FOX has been very open about their hopes for the series to return for another limited run series sometime in the near future.

In fact, during FOX's upfront presentation for the fall, FOX TV head Dana Walden went so far as to say "We have had conversations with (creator) Chris Carter and (stars) David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson ... I believe everyone is on board to do another installment of the show."

FOX TV Group chairman Gary Newman echoed those thoughts, saying, "Conversations are ongoing. I can tell you that all of them would like to do more of these, and certainly the network and studio want to do more."

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It turns out that may not be the case, though.

In an interview with Deadline, Anderson claims FOX hasn't talked to them about further "X-Files" seasons. "I’m open to the conversation [of further seasons], though they haven’t come to us yet. I have no clue when they’re going to," she says. "I’m getting on with the rest of my life and I’m booking other jobs, so if it is indeed something that they would like to continue, then that conversation will need to be had. And I have no idea when that will be able to take place at this juncture."

Do you hear that FOX? Anderson's schedule is filling up and it sounds like those conversations you were talking about either didn't happen or weren't taken as seriously as you would have liked. If you let this opportunity slip by, who knows when we're going to get more "X-Files"?

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Clearly these two actors aren't in desperate need of work and returning to "X-Files" is more fun than anything else. Eventually though, that ship will sail and they'll be all booked up for the next few years.

The time for FOX to act is now. Sure they're got a big slate of shows coming in the fall -- and spring -- but why bot lock Carter, Duchovny and Anderson in now for another short season before everyone loses interest.

Carter has said time and again he's game for more "X-Files" if his stars are, so it's time to strike while the iron is hot.

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