greg gutfeld on site fnc 325 Fox News Channel's Greg Gutfeld: 'I don't change the way I do things based on who's in power'Zap2it: Does President Obama‘s victory change your focus as a right-leaning commentator on your two Fox News Channel roundtable shows, late night’s “RedEye” and daytime’s “The Five”?

Greg Gutfeld: As an editor and a guy on TV, I just wake up every morning, and whatever interests me interests me, and then I do that. It doesn’t matter who was president. I have strong beliefs about the direction of the country, but I don’t change the way I do things based on who’s in power. I think I would be a hypocrite if I did.

If Mitt Romney had been president, and he had done some stupid things, I would hope that I would say that. “RedEye” was going strong when Barack Obama was elected. The show didn’t change. It was the same silly, subversive, nutty show. I still push the same moral imperative that I did before Obama was elected.

Zap2it: How are you feeling in the wake of Romney’s loss?

Greg Gutfeld: I’ve been around long enough to see cycles. Things change. Both sides have an apocalyptic vein within them, and you always have to be like Reagan, a happy warrior. Yeah, they got this one, but we got two years to get our act together. We’ve got to figure out what we did wrong.

It’s really like sports. There’s a lot more to lose in politics, but it’s the same mindset. The majority of Americans aren’t deeply political. It’s probably a healthy country. It really only happens at certain points. I guess, my point is, liberals are much better at playing politics than conservatives are, because by nature, conservatives are not interested in government. They don’t like it.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare