Fox News thinks President Obama should watch “Homeland” to learn new strategies in battling the Islamic State, or ISIS as they are more widely known.

During an episode of Fox News Lives, host Gretchen Carlson and retired Marine Corps Leutenant Colonel Bill Cowan joined in shooting down the Obama administration’s current strategy in fighting ISIS. After the recent terror attacks in Paris, the group is a topic of many heated conversations.

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This conversation, however, had Carlson pointing to an unexpected place our president can take inspiration from moving forward: Showtime’s “Homeland.” She referenced the current average of eight airstrikes a day in Syria, compared to the “hundreds” of airstrikes ran during the Iraq war.

After Cowan referred to the American military’s actions as “just piddling around the edges,” Carlson brought up the Emmy-winning series and referenced a clip from the Season 6 premiere which shows Peter Quinn debriefing the CIA on the only strategy the terrorist group knows.

When asked what would make a difference, Quinn simply states, “Hit reset,” bringing up the notion of obliterating the region with our arsenal and thusly, turning it into a parking lot.

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