mark paul gosselaar red carpet 2 nc 325 'Franklin & Bash's' Mark Paul Gosselaar is a respectful romantic on and off screen

Zap2it: Are you disappointed that co-star Breckin Meyer hasn’t included stories from your friendship in TBS’ “Men at Work,” the new buddy comedy he created?
Mark-Paul Gosselaar: I’m relieved. I think a lot of the material he’s using is from his past, before we started our relationship. I don’t think he’s caught up to our time frame.
Zap2it: What sort of a man has your character, Los Angeles lawyer Peter Bash, become?
Mark-Paul Gosselaar: He’s a bit more comfortable. I don’t feel that he second-guesses whether or not he should be where he’s at. He’s got a bit more confidence.
Zap2it: How does Peter deal with women, especially women in authority?
Mark-Paul Gosselaar: I sometimes feel like he puts on an act to cover what’s going on inside, but I think Peter is a very sensitive and genuine person, especially when it comes to women. He’s a romantic, so dealing with women in authority, there’s that level of respect.
That’s the thing with our show; we never, in my opinion, are disrespectful to our female clients as well as the females that are running around our man-cave. I don’t think we do anything that’s gross or macho.
Breckin and I, from Day 1, said, “Don’t make these guys [jerks].” We don’t want people to turn off because we’re being disrespectful to the opposite sex. If we’re being lecherous, it’s gross.
I know that Breckin is the same way. We both have daughters, so we would never do anything like that.

“Franklin & Bash” airs Tuesdays on TBS.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare