“Frequency” is pulling out all the stops for its time-traveling premise, including digging into both of Raimy’s (Peyton List) alternate timelines.

As Raimy sees it, she remembers a life with her dad and a life without him, even if the world around her never experienced the latter. “Frequency” is about to mess with our heads even more in Wednesday’s (Nov. 2) episode, juxtaposing those two lives side by side, so we can see where her paths diverge.

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“I had no idea that we would even tackle something like that,” List says. “That we would be exploring her memory once we altered the original timelines, where Frank lived past when she was eight years old. That we would be exploring a memory of something that was her, as a really young adult, and then also throwing back to the original timelines.”

The episode, titled “Seven Three,” will show us Raimy’s first day on the job as a cop, which in and of itself should be an interesting backstory to dig into. On top of that though, we’re going to be seeing two different versions of the same story — one with Frank helping Raimy through her first day and another with Stan.

“It’s like the fork in the road,” List explains, “And comparing the same day, or the same first day of work, and how it goes differently, if you’re on the job with a parent and someone who’s looking over your shoulder in that way. Or if you’re going in completely by yourself, thrown into the deep end, and trying to prove yourself. I think they’re very different experiences.”

All things considered, this is a pretty great peek into why Raimy is the way she is.

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Growing up without a parent is hard enough, but it’s not exactly hard to notice that Raimy’s drive and dedication to her job (especially in the previous timeline) is fueled by that need to prove herself; in one timeline it’s to live up to her dad’s legacy and in the other to overcome his reputation as a dirty cop.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of what happens in which timeline and how, never fear. The cast is facing that same conundrum.

“Well it was interesting shooting it because I’m in the same wardrobe, we’re using pretty much the same sets, so we were shooting it back-to-back in every single set,” List says. “And it was: ‘OK, Frank timeline. OK, Stan timeline.’ And doing that switch so quickly, I mean the characters were already in place. It’s the same day. So it was kind of a bizarre sort of journey to shoot it because you want to make it different, obviously, [that] she is different in different timelines.”

“Frequency” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


Additional reporting by Chris Hayner.

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