The season finale for “Frequency” is almost upon us, and given the way the penultimate episode ended, we’re incredibly nervous about what this finale holds. It’s a pretty important rule of thumb that if you go into a finale with everything feeling peachy, you’re in for a pretty brutal episode.

Now that Raimy (Peyton List) and Frank (Riley Smith) have caught and locked up the Nightingale Killer, kept Julie (Devin Kelley) alive, and restored Raimy’s engagement ring to its rightful place, it seems like everything is finally back to normal… Which naturally means everything is about to go sideways.

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“We’re in a happy place, but there are a couple central questions that sort of have to be answered by our main characters, and the question is will they answer them in time?” executive producer Jeremy Carver says. “I think you’re going to see a false sense of security quickly punctured by a cold, hard reality that this branch we’ve been talking about all season will be growing back. The question is, will Raimy and Frank see that in time?”

Ending last week’s episode on the shot of Robbie (David Lipper) seemingly stalking Julie does raise quite a few questions. Was he Deacon’s (Kenneth Mitchell) accomplice? Or has he been the Nightingale Killer all along? If so, Raimy and Frank need to figure it out soon, in order to keep him from killing any more women.

We’ve already seen how one tiny variation in the past can change the future in terrible ways, and just because Julie’s alive now doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily stay that way.

“I think we do our very best to answer just about every question and every dangling mystery that we’ve seen in this season; little things that people may have even forgot about, but will make the bigger picture that much more clear,” Carver says.

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We wouldn’t get too comfortable with this season finale if we were you, however. Just because they’re answering major questions doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a dash to the finish line that leaves you with a few huge questions.

“Every good show is still going to leave open danglers and cliffhangers when it comes to the next season, and we’re no different,” Carver says. “I think when you don’t know exactly what your fate is going to be, there’s one temptation to leave it as much of a cliffhanger as possible, but you have to be somewhat fair to the fans as well — and give them some sense of conclusion to some of the season-long arc — so no one walks away wondering what they just invested all that time for.”

“Frequency” is still waiting for news on a Season 2 renewal, which means the few loose ends left untied in Wednesday’s (Jan. 25) finale could end up driving us crazy until we get a final word from The CW about the future of the show. Here’s hoping a nice, long Season 2 is on its way next year.

“Frequency” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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