Fresh Off the Boat Season 1 finaleThe “Fresh Off the Boat” Season 1 finale was titled “So Chineez” and as is the case in a lot of “FOTB” episodes, Constance Wu’s Jessica Huang was awesome being her awesome herself. There’s a lot to like about this new ABC sitcom, but Wu kills it every week — so this show needs to get renewed just so viewers don’t lose her from their TV screens.

In the finale, Jessica realizes how Americanized their family has become, leading to a crisis of heritage where she starts to go hard at her boys with everything China.

“You know what’s cool? A wall you can see from space — China!
Birthplace of Kung Fu — China! Gunpowder, the compass, gambling —
China, China, China!” Jessica yells in English, then, switching to Mandarin: “You know what else is cool? Using every part of the
chicken like a meat wizard — China!”

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Jessica even convinces Louis (Randall Park) that they need to give up their idea for an expansion restaurant, Cattleman’s Express in the local mall, because “success is important, but it is meaningless if we lose ourselves.”

In the end, however, Jessica admits that there are certain American things she loves, like “Melrose Place” and mac ‘n cheese (which — amen to both those things) and that enjoying certain things that aren’t Chinese doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten their heritage.

A really solid finale, so ABC, please renew “Fresh Off the Boat.” How can you deny Jessica “Hottest One” Huang another season?

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