On Tuesday (Aug. 2), the stars from NBC's 2016 Fall TV slate walked the red carpet at L.A.'s annual Television Critics Association event. Zap2it was there to learn about the network's highly anticipated shows such as "This is Us," Timeless" and "The Good Place."

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Since most of these shows won't premiere for another few months, and none of the actors can give away too much information of what to expect, we decided to ask the "Sophie's Choice" of NBC TV questions. "If you had to pick one show to watch for the rest of your life, would it be 'Friends' or 'Seinfeld'?"

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This is not an easy questions for most people. For instance, "Chicago Fire's" Jesse Spencer would "rather jump off a cliff" than pick between the two iconic shows. However, Mandy Moore -- star of Dan Fogelman's "This is Us" -- had zero hesitation before answering.

And while it's worth pointing out that Harry Connick Jr.'s wife (Jill Goodacre) guest starred in one episode of "Friends," the best answer may go to Milo Ventimiglia who simply opted to read a book. Way to pivot there, Milo!

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