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Zap2it: A lot of viewers had a lump in their throat watching your farewell episode on ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.’

Samantha Bee of “Full Frontal”: I did too. I cried and cried. Because it was so formative. It was incredibly meaningful to me and I so didn’t want them to do a goodbye for me … like I’m that person who goes out of a party, who just tries to disappear from a party. And I cried for weeks. Even though I knew I was leaving and I knew why I was leaving and I didn’t regret leaving and it was a good decision, I just needed to cry it out for a long time, just to feel that sense of moving on. It was really tough; that part was really tough. It was super emotional.

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Zap2it: Was there a mission statement or guiding principle that Jon had for the show?

Samantha Bee: I wouldn’t say that … . I mean, the one thing that he did always say was, “explore your passions.” Like, if you want to explore something, he gave us a lot of space to do the kinds of stories that we wanted to do. And especially me toward the end. Everybody knew the kinds of stories that I really like to do.

Zap2it: Such as?

Samantha Bee: He always was very helpful and really steered us in the right direction for convention coverage, which was really important, and he gave us so much freedom to go and cover those things that we just spent days and days and days on the convention room floor, and he was appreciative of that and we had a lot of freedom to do that. And sort of toward the end, I explored a lot of pieces that had content that was very challenging … .

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Zap2it: What was the typical reaction you would get at political conventions?

Samantha Bee: They didn’t love us [laughs]. It wasn’t pleasurable. Nobody really liked talking to us, but they did still talk to us. Those were not pleasure cruises. That wasn’t like a laugh a minute for people.

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