On the heels of the premiere of Netflix’s next series, “Fuller House,” the cast of the original ABC series have been heading to social media in recent days to relive some classic behind-the-scenes moments. Many of these videos haven’t been seen by fans until now.

On Monday (Feb. 22), Candace Cameron Bure — who will reprise her role as D.J. Tanner-Fuller — shared the above video clip which shows the young actress on location for the Hawaii episode.

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Taking the audience on a brief tour, she soon happens across their “nerd boy, John” and introduces Stamos to the world. Without missing a beat, Stamos does his best Steve Urkle — or is it Pee-wee Herman? Those bright green shorts definitely help to bring the bit home.

Bure’s post was presented soon after Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) shared her own Hawaii memory on Instagram. Here, she begs series creator Jeff Franklin for multiple takes in a scene so she can swim with the dolphins more. 1989 was such a simpler time.

“Fuller House” premieres on Friday, Feb. 26 on Netflix.

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