The first full-length trailer for “Fuller House” Season 2 dropped Tuesday (Nov. 1) and it was full of familiar faces and fun holiday cheer.

But the line that jumped out to us was when D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) found out her two love interests now have girlfriends and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) quips, “That poor thing is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen.”

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Well it just so happens Kimmy, that after Tori Spelling, Candace Cameron Bure was queen of the “Lifetime movies” in the ’90s.

Now, back in the day, broadcast networks frequently did a “movie of the week” that aired originally on ABC, CBS or NBC and then was purchased by Lifetime — forever spawning the phrase “Lifetime movies.”

While CCB may have since graduated to being the queen of Hallmark movies, her ’90s Lifetime movie hall of fame is outstanding, featuring a couple of the all-time greats, which we have now spent the better part of the day digging up.

‘I Saw What You Did,’ 1988

This CBS original movie is about a group of prankster teenagers who draw the attention of a serial killer. Bones points: It won a primetime Emmy for cinematography and David Carradine co-stars. Yes, really.

‘Sharon’s Secret,’ 1995

Check this out — CCB plays the mentally unbalanced daughter of a millionaire couple who is murdered, so naturally she is the No. 1 suspect. Bonus points: “Grey’s Anatomy” star James Pickens Jr. co-stars as a district attorney.

‘Visitors of the Night,’ 1995

A town’s teens are disappearing, including Katie (Bure). It becomes evident that alien powers have taken over the town. Bonus points: “Night Court” dish Markie Post plays CCB’s mom.

‘No One Would Tell,’ 1996

This one is a classic. Fellow teen star Fred Savage plays CCB’s abusive boyfriend. Bonus points: talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael plays a judge.

‘Kidz in the Wood,’ 1996

This was billed as a “comedy,” but frankly it sounds like something so bad you’ll cry. It’s about a class field trip to the Oregon Trail that leaves the class and teacher lost in the woods. Bonus points: Julia Duffy, David Lascher, Dave Thomas and “Fresh Prince” siblings Tatyana Ali and Alfonso Ribeiro co-star.

‘She Cried No,’ 1996

Another Lifetime class, this one is even more upsetting than an abusive Kevin Arnold — a rapist Zack Morris. Yes, Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays CCB’s rapist. Bonus points: ’90s stars Nikki Cox and Jenna von Oy play CCB’s roommates and “My So-Called Life” mom Bess Armstrong is CCB’s mom.

‘NightScream,’ 1997

CCB is Drew, a young woman who ends up in a small town while in a trance. It turns out she looks just like Laura, a girl who was murdered in the small town a year ago. But wait, there’s more — the trances lead Drew to discover who really murdered Laura. Bonus points: Casper Van Dien co-stars as the missing boyfriend who is the suspected murderer.

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