The state of Mississippi has been confronted with some serious backlash ever since Governor Phil Bryant signed a “religious freedom” bill Tuesday (April 5) that was viewed as intolerant. Now, as the state enables religious organizations to deny LGBT people marriage, housing and even employment, Funny Or Die is mocking the law with a Mississippi “tourism” video that would be hilarious — if it wasn’t so true.

Following on the heels of last month’s North Carolina video, the Mississippi clip touts its intolerance as a virtue, making it the ultimate nuclear family vacation destination.

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“We’re Mississippi. We’re proud of our Southern values, magnolia trees and hot days,” says the ad’s voiceover. “Now, thanks to Governor Bryant, we have an oppressive law to match our oppressive heat!”

Giving us glimpses of blues musicians, children frolicking in the park and families enjoying the outdoors, the voiceover toys with many of the stock-footage-looking visuals.

“Here you can march to the beat of your own drum — as long as that beat hearkens back to 1888,” it explains. “Visit one of our soul food restaurants, and swallow your sense of humanity.”

The ad may ring particularly true for business owners in the so-called “Hospitality State.” Tweets and memes have begun mocking the bill, and the Mississippi Tourism Association issued a statement this week saying “Tourism is important in every state. In Mississippi it is vital. And in our Mississippi, all are welcome.”

Funny or Die, however, may beg to disagree. “Toast to being the state with the third-highest teen pregnancy rate,” the ad mocks. “Come dance your heart out, without the fear of a gay man or lesbian showing you up. Paddle your way through semantics that justify discrimination!”

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