On last week's "Saturday Night Live," the show made headlines with a hilarious, spot-on campaign ad spoof that showed "Racists for Trump." The March 12 episode kept the theme going, as Trump (Darrell Hammond) received an endorsement from Ben Carson (Jay Pharoah) -- who was then beaten up by racist Trump supporters.

The sketch brought added hilarity thanks to Larry David, returning once again to play Bernie Sanders. In the faux-CNN cold open, David's Sanders launches into a rant about Florida and is then caught in his pajamas.

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"Who wants to spend time in Florida?" Sanders says of an upcoming primary state. "The only reason you go to Florida is when your sister calls and says "Mom's dead; we have to go to Florida."

Spoofing Carson's real-life endorsement of Trump, the sketch then cuts to a Trump rally where Carson has been attacked -- and is holding a Trump steak to his head. "Guys, what did I say?" Trump screams to his supporters. "Not this one! This is one of the good ones!"

Later, Carson insists that Trump isn't racist by listing the billionaire's black friends: "Omarosa, Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson."

"The list ends," says Trump.

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