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When it comes to ABC’s musical comedy fairy tale “Galavant,” there’s plenty of romance at play. Is it time for Galavant and Isabella to realize they’re each other’s true loves? Should Magdalena finally cave and decide King Richard is her perfect match? Or is she better fooling around with the Jester? There’s even a new pair that will be introduced in the first of Jan. 18’s two episodes that will have audiences cheering for yet another couple to end up together.
But it turns out that one off-screen romance — or rather bromance — rivals all of these on-screen pairings. Leading men Joshua Sasse (Galavant), Timothy Omundson (Richard) and Vinnie Jones (Gareth) became so close during their time shooting Season 1 that it’s compromised how they work together now.
“I have a problem because I can’t really work with Tim anymore,” Sasse tells Zap2it
“I didn’t stop laughing the whole way through,” he says of working with Omundson and Jones. “Those two were just so much fun to wind up. When you work with people so long — like Vinnie’s such a love, he’s such a big heart, so I know I can make him laugh on a complete dime. Tim’s so funny. If Tim gets anything wrong even once he gets so frustrated, so I just wind him up and wind him up and wind him up.”
In fact, most of the cast has difficulties keeping a straight face when Sasse is around. According to Luke Youngblood (Sid), scenes opposite “Galavant’s” title character were hard because Sasse would make a point to try to get the other actors to laugh.
“It was tough work, but it tested us,” Youngblood says. “If we can get through a scene with Josh pulling faces and doing this and that and the other, we’re ready for anything at that point.”
Jones remembers, “It was an ongoing thing. It started with Tim [shooting a scene] on the bed. We’d all had a go at Tim [trying to make him laugh], so he was lying on the bed and it was on me and Josh. He was playing up on the bed, and we had to try to act through it. So then that was a constant thing: If you were ever off camera you could do whatever you want, and now you had to keep a straight face.”
For his part, Omundson tries to remove himself from the situation. He jokes that Jones only shared their laughing game because he’s “an absolute non-professional — no, I’m kidding,” and says it’s really only Jones and Sasse who start trying to make the other actors break scenes. 
“I’m just desperately trying to hold myself together, and it’s hard around them. You get Josh started on the giggle train and there’s no stopping it,” he says, adding, “I’m not going to say that I ever overtly tried to make him laugh, but once he’s started you might as well have a little fun with him. And Vinnie just makes me laugh in general. If you don’t know him you would never expect it, but he’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever come across. We had such fun on the show.” 

One scene in particular pushed Sasse, Omundson and Jones to their breaking point. On their last day of filming together, they were shooting a scene on the coast of Wales with a boat. Though they were having a great time, they were also racing against the tide so they could get the scene done in time.

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“I wasted about three hours because I couldn’t stop laughing, and Vinnie said it’s the funniest day,” Sasse recalls. “He’s never had a better day at work in his life, he said.”
That’s the story Jones tells Zap2it as well. Because of the laughing game where the actors off-screen were supposed to tease the other ones filming, he couldn’t keep a straight face when it was his turn to finally shoot. “It’s a close-up on me, them two are off camera, and we are absolutely pissing ourselves,” he says. “It’s hard to explain: We got uncontrollable giggles. It’s the hardest thing in the world. They’re giving it to me because it was payback time.
Jones continues, “Chris Koch the director, who is one of the funniest guys, he came over and got mad with us. So we all sort of stood there and laughed, and he’s like, ‘Come on, we’ve got to get this going. The tide’s going out’ and this, that and the other, and we just started bursting out laughing. I said, ‘Koch, come here. We’re doing a f***ing comedy, and you’re telling us off for laughing. Think about it.’ And he walked and he comes back and he goes, ‘Right, who wants to kick my a**?’ It was hilarious.”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz