Timothy Omundson and Vinnie Jones in Galavant

In “Galavant’s” third and fourth episodes of Season 2, parallel love stories begin unfolding that both revolve around Richard. Not only is the former king now being thrown on a quest with a woman from his childhood — who it turns out has some long-standing feelings for Richard — but back in Valencia, his BFF Gareth (Vinnie Jones) is busy falling for Richard’s ex, Madalena (Mallory Jansen).

Star Timothy Omundson spoke with Zap2it about the juxtaposition, first admitting that Richard is quite puzzled by Roberta’s affections.

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“At this point, he’s totally perplexed by [Roberta],” says Omundson. “This role is so wonderful to play this season because he’s such an innocent. He’s just innocent and naive — he’s really a babe in the woods. When Roberta comes into his life, he has no idea. She’s just still his pal from when they were kids. And it’s lovely how the writers unfold that relationship. It was one of the greatest joys to play.”

On the flip side, Omundson says that Richard is in for some major hurt feelings when he finds out what’s been going on back in his kingdom. But it isn’t merely about Madalena, it’s about Gareth’s complete take over.

“Richard finds out through very bizarre means that can only be done in our show the extent of Gareth’s betrayal. That’s what really kills him. The fact that he hooked up with Madalena is a mere part of it,” says Omundson. “It destroys him, it breaks his heart, because Gareth was the one thing that he could always count on, always. And now he’s lost that … now he doesn’t even have that guy that he sings a lullaby to.”

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But despite the on-screen characters eventually being at odds, Omundson can’t speak highly enough of his co-star’s performance in Season 2.

“I have to say Vinnie Jones is just so good. Everyone this year, everyone has such wonderful storylines this year and I think everybody just knocks it out of the park, VInnie in particular,” says Omundson. “It took my breath away in some of those scenes, he’s just spectacular.”

“Galavant” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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