Everyone’s favorite Stark kid, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, turns 17 years old Saturday (April 9).

“Game of Thrones” took a little bit of a Bran break last year, not featuring the young actor at all during the fifth season. Now though, Bran is back in action in Season 6, in a new and exciting way. After all, there are no more book chapters left from Bran’s point of view for the show to draw on, so everything we see will be completely new.

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What exactly that means for his story, however, is still a mystery. While we wait for “Game of Thrones” to premiere, here are a few theories fans have about what we’ll see from good old Bran when the show starts back up.

He’ll return to save Jon Snow

Bran’s got some pretty strange ties to the magic and mystery of the world of “Game of Thrones,” and we’ve already seen people be brought back to life via magic. Maybe Bran will have spent his time away learning how to resurrect his poor big brother?

He’ll warg into one of Daenerys’ dragons

This is one we hope to see at some point before the series ends because it’s just too juicy. If Bran can take control of any and all animals, that means he can theoretically control a dragon. Too cool!

He’ll battle the Night’s King

The Season 6 trailer showed Bran coming face-to-face with the Night’s King (even if it was most likely a vision/dream), and that’s a threat that needs to be handled sooner or later. Bran’s already north of the wall, so maybe he can champion that cause?

He’ll walk again

Bran’s paralysis has seemed pretty permanent over the years, but we did see him standing in the Season 6 trailer. After being carried around the entire country for five years, it may be time to give Bran his legs back and see what he can do with them.

He’ll learn Jon Snow’s true parentage

It’s a popular theory that Jon Snow actually has some royal blood in him, but no one can decide just whose blood that is. Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Wright previously teased, “Previously Bran’s seen tiny glimpses of future or past but never has he been very much in control in the situation. Now we’re given looks into very important events in the past, present and future of this world and Bran is beginning to piece them together like a detective, almost as if he’s watching the show.” Could he be piecing together the mystery of Jon Snow?

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