Every fan knows that the penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones” is always the most epic. Instead of saving the highly anticipated “Battle of the Bastards” event for its Season 6 finale, it aired during episode 9 on Sunday (June 19). While this would normally be must-watch live TV, a conundrum presented itself for dedicated “Thrones” fans, as Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals Championship Game was scheduled to air at the exact same time.

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Then in a serendipitous moment, at around 9 p.m. ET, right when the biggest episode of the season was made available for streaming on HBO Now, the basketball game went into half-time. Perfect timing, right?  Everyone watching the first half of LeBron James facing off against Steph Curry, could now safely switch over to “Thrones.”

But apparently most audiences made this exact same decision and the massive switch over caused the streaming service to black out. Viewers dying to know who wins this massive battle before spoilers hit the Internet were met with this screen:

blackout NBA conspiracy theory? HBO Now crashes during penultimate Game of Thrones episode

Predictably, everyone freaked out.

People scrambled to figure out if the lost connection was just them or if HBO Now was blank for everyone. It wasn’t long before people got suspicious of the timing of it all. Was this a conspiracy by the NBA?

Hopefully, HBO figures out the glitch issue soon or there might be riots in the streets. For this to happen during the most important episode of the season for the biggest show on television is unacceptable.

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