Zap2it: “Game of Thrones” Lannister clan seems to be one very twisted family. How do you describe them?
Lena Headey: I’ve got a theory that love and hate is very tight within this family. There is a love for Tyrion, but [Cersei] … knows he took her mother; that’s how she sees it. She was brought up by a very strict male father and given no room to be anything other than a prize [for some man].

I think that her closeness to Jamie in this physical and highly kind of repulsive relationship is her desire to be close to and feel loved by somebody. In a way, she wants to be Jamie, I think. These characters are so damaged!

Zap2it: So this is a rewarding role for you as an actress?
Lena Headey: Oh, yes, it’s just so exciting to play somebody who even approaches the nature and the possibilities of this character, someone who has that much going on, who has that much disaster in her past and pain and confusion and no guidance, then put in a seat of power, and now it’s the same for Joffrey (her son).
Zap2it: Have you read George R.R. Martin’s later books to find out Cersei’s fate?

Lena Headey: No. I know so many people who have read the books, but I’m making this movie (“Vigilandia”) right now, and I barely manage to read my scenes for the next day before my son wakes up. I sort of want to know, and then I don’t.

“Game of Thrones” airs Sundays on HBO.

Posted by:John Crook