"Let them play a little longer. They know nothing of the game in store," says a voice in this exclusive clip. A voice immediately recognizable "Game of Thrones" fans. A voice which can instill both fear and demand respect at the same time.

It's been a minute since Tywin Lannister basically ruled the Seven Kingdoms on "Game of Thrones," and while that character was not lucky enough to get resurrected by Melisandre, actor Charles Dance continues to live on our TV screens through Nat Geo Wild's newest series, "Savage Kingdom."

This special miniseries plays like the African-wildlife version of HBO's "Thrones." Dance, and his signature powerfully patriarchal voice narrates the episode "Clash of the Queens," and there isn't a more fitting person that could've possibly been chosen.

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Dance introduces audiences to Matsumi, the lioness whom has ascended the throne to become Queen of the Marsh Pride. She is as ruthless as a Lannister. In fact, if Cersei was to magically turn into a lion, she would be Matsumi. There's nothing she wouldn't do in order to protect her bloodline. Matsumi has successfully established the most ruthless army in the realm. However, similar to Queen Lannister's problem on "Thrones," her power is threatened by another alpha female in the Savage Kingdom.

tywin mother of lions Exclusive clip: Charles Tywin Lannister Dance rules a new Savage Kingdom

Meet Saba, the Khaleesi of this series. She is the most spectacular and resourceful leopard in this Africa wild. Saba is incredibly stealth, powerful in her ability to remain virtually invisible to her enemies. She is the Queen of Leopard Rock, a stretch of land centrally located in the middle of this barbaric territory. She uses the area's deeply shadowed areas to her advantage, and is able to hide from possible attackers without ever losing sight of them.

tywin leopard Exclusive clip: Charles Tywin Lannister Dance rules a new Savage Kingdom

Saba can take care of herself, there's no question there. But now she's a mother of two cubs, and like Matsumi, she will do anything in order to assure their safety. In addition to building up their armies, and worrying about their own kind turning against them to take the throne, these queens must deal with evil kings, children battling over inheritance rights, along with the impending War of the Marsh.

tywin lannister gif Exclusive clip: Charles Tywin Lannister Dance rules a new Savage Kingdom

For those looking to fill the void until "Game of Thrones" returns in 2017, this lion style version more than does the trick: Dance could narrate a phone book and it would be wildly compelling, so having his voice lead us through the rivalry of Matsumi and Saba makes for exactly the wonderful, intense entertainment we've been craving this week.

"Savage Kingdom" airs on Friday, Nov. 25, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo Wild.

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