With the final moments of Season 6 winding down and the latest episode “No One” set to air Sunday (June 12), HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has released a handful of tantalizing photos that seem to imply several intense moments on the horizon.

Read on for a bit of speculation as to what the photos might depict — and your chance to peek at the pics yourself.

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A reunion

Sad news appears to be on the horizon for fans of Tormund, the red-bearded Wildling leader who has been caught stealing glances at the Amazon-like Brienne of Tarth. Good news, however, for fans of the series.

See the photo below of Gwendoline Christie as Brienne? If you look closely, you’ll see the flags of House Lannister flying behind her. Coupled with the expression on her face and the fact that she seems to be looking up at someone else on a horse (and the pic of Jaime above), it seems like the Lady Warrior and the Kingslayer she once protected are about to come face-to-face again. Will they finally submit to their long-building sexual tension? Well, since Brienne isn’t her sister, we’re thinking she isn’t Jaime’s kinda gal.

"Game of Thrones" SOURCE: HBO

It’s Mountain Time

Over the last several episodes, we’ve met Cersei’s firecely loyal, terrifying mountain of a protector. Meanwhile, her anger towards the outwardly-peaceful Sparrows has been growing. Now that no one else seems to be banging the drum of revolt alongside her, it seems like Cersei may be ready to take Mountain off his leash and see how much damage he can do.

"Game of Thrones" SOURCE: HBO

Plotting and more plotting

It seems like Tyrion and Varys have spent much of Season 6 walking around Meereen with their hands behind their backs, surveying the scene. With the episode description saying that their “plans bear fruit,” perhaps the Sons of Harpy are about to get smacked down for good — or just as possible, perhaps the duo lose control of the city once and for all.

"Game of Thrones" SOURCE: HBO





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