Many fans know Kristian Nairn by a more recognizable name: Hodor. Unfortunately for Nairn, the beloved character met his demise on “Game of Thrones.” But as sad as that news is, Nairn’s first love is gaining new ground. Before playing Hodor on the HBO series, Nairn was pursuing a career as a progressive house DJ in Ireland. While it’s safe to say he’ll still be appearing on screen in other acting roles, his DJ game has gotten a huge boost since Hodor’s death.

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Since 2013, Nairn has toured the world under the title, “Rave of Thrones.” While that’s not his moniker, it’s a promotional package that has worked at catching the interest of “Game of Thrones” fans from all over. He may not be lumbering about the dance floor shouting, “Hodor!,” but he is delivering some bangin’ beats and those turntable skills are now in high demand.

Michael Schweiger — Nairn’s booking agent — tells Page Six, “demand has shot up, with offers coming in from all over the world. Funny how some people get famous after they die.” Funny, indeed. But given the huge impact of his death scene, it’s a comforting notion that somewhere in the world, Nairn is keeping the Hodor dream alive … in a realm of funky house music.

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