kristin chenoweth 325 nc 'GCB's' Kristin Chenoweth: 'I know these women very well'Zap2it: Were you deliberately looking to play a character unlike your earlier TV roles?

Kristin Chenoweth:
Yes, the last thing I played was Olive Snook, who was very, very different from Carlene, and obviously I want to keep challenging myself and doing things that are different from “West Wing” and “Glee” and “Pushing Daisies.” I did grow up in the Bible Belt, and I know these women very well. I am very much not like Carlene, but she is a fun sort of villain, and you get to see where it’s all coming from. I love that she stirs it up.

Zap2it: Why does Amanda still push Carlene’s buttons?

Kristin Chenoweth:
There are always these people from our past who come into our lives and derail us. In Carlene’s case, it’s Amanda, and when we do a flashback, you will see just how awful Amanda was to Carlene. Carlene had a lot of changes done on herself, and now here’s this woman coming back and threatening to ruin it. It also speaks a lot about her insecurity. Carlene can feel just as confident as she wants about the way things are now, but suddenly this woman comes back, and it brings back all that crap from high school.

Zap2it: Are these two always going to be enemies?

Kristin Chenoweth: You’ll see an ebb and flow into a friendship between Carlene and Amanda, because ultimately Carlene does want to forgive. She is a Christian, and she does want to believe, but darn it, it’s hard for her!

“GCB” airs Sundays on ABC.

Posted by:John Crook