grant wilson ghost hunters 325 'Ghost Hunters' Grant Wilson: 'I'll never stop investigating'

“Life after ghosts,” says Grant Wilson. “That’s pretty funny.”
On Wednesday, May 16, Syfy’s long-running reality hit “Ghost Hunters” loses half of its founding team, as plumber-turned-paranormal investigator Wilson puts down his flashlight, EMF meter and infrared motion sensor and leads his last investigation with partner Jason Hawes.
In real life, shooting on his final episode took place some time ago, and Wilson is already settling into his new reality.
“It hasn’t really sunk in yet,” he tells Zap2it, “because as soon as I was done with the show, I was busy with a lot of other things in life. Now I’ve just started really sinking into reality, which is funny, because it’s a reality show.”
He’s been spending time with his wife and three boys, ages 13, 12 and 9.
“When we started,” he says, “my youngest was 1, and now he’s 9. It’s all those Halloweens, not being home and stuff, it takes its toll. My wife’s ecstatic. She loves having me around.”
Grant’s also got some new career goals.
“I’m looking at going back to school for graphic design. I’ve started a board game company with my lifelong friend since the age of 5, Mike Richie, who’s a game designer. I’m doing all the art. We’re making some board games and having a lot of fun. The company’s called Rather Dashing Games.
“I’ll be attending game conventions and stuff. I got my band I’m playing with; we’re going to record an album. There’s all sorts of stuff going on.”
But Grant hasn’t left paranormal investigating behind entirely.
“I’m still part of TAPS,” he says, referring to his and Hawes’ group, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, “but I’ve told the home team, ‘Give me some time to relax and to adjust and get to know my new situation, my new schedule.’ But I’m still interested and in. It’s still a passion of mine. I’ll never stop investigating.
“Actually, it’s nice, because I’m able to investigate on my own time, my own schedule and my own way, without everybody staring at you the whole time, millions of people watching you the whole time.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare