jason hawes ghost hunters 325 'Ghost Hunters': Who ya gonna call? Jason Hawes, of course

When Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” returns Wednesday (June 12) for its midseason premiere, Jason Hawes and the specter seekers of The Atlantic Paranormal Society promise fun for all involved.
“We’ve caught some crazy stuff,” Hawes tells Zap2it. “In the new season, when it comes back, there’s some really just wild moments, some incredible activity that we caught that’s almost impossible to explain.”
Joining Hawes are tech manager Steve Gonsalves; investigators Dave Tango, Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, Adam Berry and Michelle Tate; and canine crew member Maddie.
Even with Gonsalves’ considerable technical expertise, the elusive spirits aren’t making it easy for the TAPS team.
“People are going to have to draw their own conclusions about the stuff we caught,” Hawes says. “I can’t get into too much, but it’s weird when you start having camera issues … you have certain cameras in a room, and then you hear voices, and they’re talking specifically about messing with your equipment.
“Then all of a sudden, you catch a voice in that room that says something about another room, then 30 seconds later, that camera starts malfunctioning as well.”
Asked if that means ghosts are getting more tech-savvy, Hawes says, “Well, you’ve got to remember, not all ghosts are old.”
They may not all be old, but Hawes has discovered that a surprising number of them are camera-shy.
“What I’ve never understood,” he says, “is how many of them try to avoid the cameras or things of that nature. Then again, you could draw that conclusion right now with people confined in prisons becoming antisocial. They sort of become loners when they get out.”
About a year ago, Hawes’ longtime ghost-hunting partner, Grant Wilson, left the team, and fans still ask about him.
“He’s doing good,” Hawes says. “I just talked to him the other day.” Asked if Wilson will ever come back, he says, “I don’t know. He knows as well as I do, the door is always open to him.”

“Ghost Hunters airs at 9 p.m. ET Wednesday on Syfy.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare