If you ever thought you were the biggest “Ghostbusters” fan known to man, well, check again. Turns out Al Roker might just be the one wearing the slime-covered crown at the end of the day.

Roker — who apparently has a hilarious tendency of quoting lines from the classic 1984 comedy on the “Today” set — met up with the “Ghostbusters” gang to talk ghostly memories and unexpected funny moments (thanks, Bill Murray) in honor of the flick’s 30-year anniversary.

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In the above clip, Roker jumps from one question to the next and squeezes some behind-the-scene nuggets of information out of the cast. Check out what Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potter and director Ivan Reitman revealed during their reunion:

1. Murray was not a fan of the Slimer’s ectoplasm goo

“It was a disgusting combination of corn syrup and starch, and some sort of adhesive … and poison that’s used on chinch bugs,” jokes Murray.

2. You better believe there was some ad lib going on

You know that scene where Venkman (Murray) enters Dana’s (Weaver) apartment and plays with the piano? Totally improvised. According to Weaver, the crew could “barely” make it through the scene without completely cracking up.

3. Murray had a little too much fun in the car scenes

The funnyman admits that sometimes they would keep on driving the car after the director called cut, and that they’d drive through Chinatown and run red lights.

4. Murray isn’t confident that the ‘Ghostbusters 3’ will actually happen

After Roker asks if there will be a third movie, Murray says, “I say the money’s not right yet … It’s really hard to recreate something that was so beautiful, so wonderful.” Of course, Murray’s hunch is up against the news that Paul Feig is currently working on an all-female “Ghostbusters” reboot, which is looking more and more likely as each day passes.

Do you agree with Murray? Is the reboot actually going to happen?

Posted by:Casey Rackham