Sidney and Regina in Once Upon a Time pilot

The mirror isn’t back on the wall, but he will be coming back to “Once Upon a Time” for the show’s 100th episode. Entertainment Weekly confirms that Giancarlo Esposito is returning as Sidney Glass/The Mirror in the landmark episode.

The last time fans saw Sidney was in early Season 4 when he teamed up with the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) who freed him from his mirror confines in exchange for his help in getting closer to Emma (Jennifer Morrison).

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The announcement of Esposito’s return is making the 100th episode quite the reunion for “Once” fans. Barbara Hershey is also reclaiming her role of Cora and Robbie Kay will fly once again as the evil Peter Pan.

New recurring cast member Greg Germann will be making his first appearance during the episode, as first reported by TVLine. His character is being called “The Distinguished Gentleman.”

“Once Upon a Time” will air their 100th episode as their Spring premiere in early March.

Posted by:Megan Vick