We’re still waiting for that ever-so-elusive release date for the first installment of the new “Gilmore Girls” revival series, but if we can’t know the when, we can at least be satisfied that we know the who.

On top of all your old favorite characters from the original series, we’ll also be greeting some new faces when the Netflix revival premieres later this year. Hartford and Stars Hollow are about to get some fresh blood, and from what we can tell, it won’t take long before they’ll be at the top of the fan-favorite list of characters.

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Here’s what we know so far about the newest additions to the “Gilmore Girls” family.

Mae Whitman


Yeah, yeah, she’ll probably only make a quick cameo to crack a “Parenthood” joke, but she still counts as a new character in the “Gilmore Girls” universe.

Sutton Foster

giphy2 Gilmore Girls: A guide to the new faces in Stars Hollow

Though she doesn’t have a name yet, Foster’s character will be a struggling actress, whose biggest role to date has been the lead in the Stars Hollow musical. You can catch this “Bunheads” alum in the third installment of the series, titled “Summer.”

Bailey De Young

Another “Bunheads” cast member to join the team is Bailey De Young, playing a character named Heidi. Whoever she is, she seems to be hanging out in Stars Hollow at a town meeting with the local bookstore owner, Andrew (Mike Gandolfi).

Dan Bucatinsky

Everyone’s favorite “Scandal” reporter might be putting his journalistic experience to Rory’s benefit in the revival series. He’d be a perfect fit for a new character named Jim, whose casting details depict him as “an older high-end men’s magazine editor.”

Alex Kingston

tumblr m8txfprpcs1qlj1hso1 500 Gilmore Girls: A guide to the new faces in Stars Hollow

Kingston will join the cast as an “eccentric” new character, and we’d love to see her as a companion (see what we did there?) for Emily (Kelly Bishop). After Richard’s passing, Emily will need an eccentric friend to keep her out and about, living life to the fullest.

Lisa Marie & Sofia Olivia Jellen

Heads up for anyone hoping to see more kids in “Gilmore Girls,” because there is a new mother/daughter duo in Stars Hollow. Lisa Marie and Sofia Olivia Jellen don’t have a matching dad for their set yet, but like Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory, maybe they don’t need one?

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